Osteochondral flap fracture of the coronoid in pediatric elbow dislocation: a case report and literature review

  • Silvia ValisenaEmail author
  • Flurim Hamitaga
  • Jorge Gabriel Gonzalez
  • Natalia Maria Voumard
  • Bernhard Dimitris Ciritsis
  • Vincenzo De Rosa
  • Mario Mendoza Sagaon
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Osteochondral flap fractures of the coronoid are rare occult fractures, often diagnosed in delay, in pediatric patients who underwent elbow dislocations. Only 11 pediatric cases of osteochondral flap fractures of the coronoid are described in the literature. We describe a pediatric case treated in our institution for an elbow dislocation accompanied by a triad of elbow fractures, including the osteochondral flap fracture of the coronoid, and review available literature on the osteochondral flap fracture of the coronoid in pediatric patients.


Pediatric Elbow Dislocation Coronoid 


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