Singh Kern, Alexander R. Vaccaro (eds): Pocket atlas of spine surgery 2nd ed

Thieme Verlag, New York, Stuttgart, Delhi, Rio de Janeiro, 2018, 240 pp, 201 figs., 152.0 × 229.0 mm, Softcover (KT), EUR (D) 59,99 EUR (A) 61,70 CHF 69,00, ISBN: 978-1-62623-623-3
  • Pierre Kehr
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This splendid work is a handbook of the principal surgical accesses of the spine intended to the young surgeons and for the teams of nurses of operating rooms. Each intervention is described with per-operational photographs of the principal stages, diagrams, per-operational radiographies in certain cases. At the end of each intervention, a table points out the complications that can occur and the means of curing it, as well as councils of bibliographical reading.

Should be on the shelves of each resident or intern who intends themselves for the surgery of the spine.


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