Treatment of hand enchondroma with injectable calcium phosphate cement: a series of eight cases

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The gold standard treatment for enchondroma in the hand is curettage and filling of the defect. The goal of this study was to evaluate the results when injectable calcium phosphate cement is used to fill the bone defect. Eight patients having a mean age of 44 years were operated through a minimally invasive skin incision. After a small bone window was made, curettage of the lesion was performed and verified by intraosseous endoscopy. The defect was filled with injectable calcium phosphate cement (JectOS/AREX®BONE, Kasios, L’Union France). The mean pain score (out of 10) decreased from 4.1 preoperatively to 1.6 postoperatively. The mean QuickDASH (out of 100) improved from 37.66 to 24.14. At the last follow-up (mean of 16 months), the range of motion in the operated hand had reached 89.3% of the contralateral hand. Based on radiographs, a mean of 69.3% calcium phosphate cement remained in the bone. There were two cases of extraosseous cement leakage, one of which required revision and resulted in a poor outcome. Overall, these results show that curettage of a hand enchondroma followed by filling of the defect with injectable calcium phosphate cement is a simple, reliable technique with no donor site morbidity, as long as cement does not leak out.

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Rajeh, M.A., Diaz, J.J.H., Facca, S. et al. Treatment of hand enchondroma with injectable calcium phosphate cement: a series of eight cases. Eur J Orthop Surg Traumatol 27, 251–254 (2017).

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  • Enchondroma
  • Interosseous endoscopy
  • Calcium phosphate cement
  • Hydroxyapatite