Thoracoscopic technique of anterior discectomy and interbody fusion (ATIF)

  • Daniel SauerEmail author
  • Franziska C. Heider
  • Christoph Mehren
  • Christoph J. Siepe
Open Operating Theatre (OOT)


Thoracoscopy Thoracic spine Minimally invasive technique Anterior discectomy Interbody fusion MIS surgery 


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  • Franziska C. Heider
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  • Christoph Mehren
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  • Christoph J. Siepe
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  1. 1.Spine CenterSchön Clinic Munich HarlachingMunichGermany
  2. 2.Academic Teaching Hospital and Spine Research Institute of the Paracelus Medical University (PMU)SalzburgAustria

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