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Effect of fringing field capacitances in RF and small signal parameters of surrounding gate MOSFET

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A small signal equivalent model of surrounding gate MOSFET incorporating fringing capacitances has been proposed and detailed in this paper. Detail modeling of the fringing (outer and inner both) capacitances of surrounding gate MOSFETs are considered here. Considering fringing capacitance, also the gate to drain/source and effective gate capacitances have been calculated for the proposed model. Low frequency Y-parameters (admittance parameters) of the SRG MOSFET are derived from the proposed model and expressed using real/imaginary function for different biasing condition. RF/analog performance parameters like Gate input capacitance (CGG), transport time delay (τ), input resistance (Rin), trans-conductance (gm), channel conductance (gds) etc have been evaluated. Figure of Merit (FOM) parameters like cut off frequency, gmRo, maximum oscillation frequency etc of the proposed model has been evaluated to study the effect of parasitic capacitances on the RF performances in depth. Extensive simulations using Silvaco ATLAS have been done to verify the proposed models. Matching of the simulated results with the model data demonstrate the correctness of the proposed model. It has been observed that the fringing capacitances can deteriorate the ac characteristics of the nano dimensional surrounding/cylindrical gate MOSFET.

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