Passive element free variation aware decision circuit for 40 Gb/s CDR application

  • Madhusudan Maiti
  • Anupama Paul
  • Suraj Kumar Saw
  • Alak MajumderEmail author
Technical Paper


The signal integrity metrics such as jitter, noise, peak-to-peak signal swing and power dissipation play a pivotal role in determining the quality of high data rate on-chip wireline communication and a decision circuit is the most vital section of it. This article explores an area efficient 40 Gb/s configuration of passive element free current mode decision module implemented in 90 nm CMOS technology. The simulation using Cadence Virtuoso platform is carried out at a power supply of 1.2 V along with a clock frequency of 40 GHz and pseudo random bit sequence data input of (27 − 1) having 1 ns bit period. The device foot print of entire arrangement is (76 × 23) µm2, which reads a power dissipation, delay, PDP, peak-to-peak jitter and RMS jitter of 7.02 mW, 198.1 ps, 1.391 pJ, 58.00 ps and 13.12 ps respectively. Monte Carlo runs with ‘no skew’ and 5% process skew are performed at different corners to prove the robustness of the design. The whole circuit is finally validated at lower technology node like 28 nm UMC.



The authors thankfully acknowledge SMDP-C2SD project under MEITY Govt. of India providing CADENCE tool to carry out this work.


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  1. 1.Integrated Circuit and System (i-CAS) Lab, Department of ECENational Institute of Technology Arunachal PradeshYupiaIndia

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