Various dimensional colour image encryption based on non-overlapping block-level diffusion operation

  • K. Abhimanyu Kumar Patro
  • Bibhudendra AcharyaEmail author
  • Vijay Nath
Technical Paper


This paper proposes a colour image encryption scheme to encrypt colour images of arbitrary sizes. In this scheme, a fixed block size (3 × 8) based block-level diffusion operation is performed to encrypt arbitrary sized images. The proposed technique overcomes the limitation of performing block-level diffusion operations in arbitrary sized images. This method first performs bit-plane decomposition and concatenation operation on the three components (blue, green, and red) of the colour image. Second it performs row and column shuffling operation using the Logistic-Sine System. Then the proposed scheme executes block division and fixed block-level diffusion (exclusive-OR) operation using the key image generated by the Piece-wise Linear Chaotic Map. At last, the cipher image is generated by combining the diffused blocks. In addition, the SHA-256 hashing on plain image is used to make chaotic sequences unique in each encryption process and to protect the ciphertext against the known-plaintext attack and the chosen-plaintext attack. Simulation results and various parameter analysis demonstrate the algorithm’s best performance in image encryption and various common attacks.



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  1. 1.Department of Electronics and CommunicationNational Institute of Technology RaipurRaipurIndia
  2. 2.Department of Electronics and CommunicationBirla Institute of Technology MesraRanchiIndia

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