Simulation and experimental study of direct spray type piezoelectric air pumps based on synthetic jet

  • Cheng Liu
  • Yuchuan ZhuEmail author
Technical Paper


In this paper, two direct spray type piezoelectric air pumps based on synthetic jet are developed for large flowrate electronics cooling applications. Pumps with single chamber and double chambers are developed, respectively. Corresponding simulation and experimental researches are carried out. Simulation analysis is carried out for resonant frequencies and modes of the piezoelectric vibrator and working process of the piezoelectric pump. Theoretical calculation is given for deformation amplitude distribution of the piezoelectric vibrator. The simulation and experimental results show that the first-order resonant frequency of the piezoelectric vibrator is about 1.1 kHz and deformation amplitude at the center of the piezoelectric vibrator can reach up to 440 μm. Excited by 150 Vpp, 2.85 kHz sinusoidal voltage signal, the maximum output flowrate of the pump with single chamber is 2.1 L/min. The maximum output flowrate of the pump with double chambers is 2.43 L/min, which increases by 15.7%. The synthetic jet based piezoelectric air pumps have significant improvements in output flowrate and response frequency compared with the conventional ones. Synthetic jet based piezoelectric air pump is a promising and feasible gas source for the electronics cooling system.



The authors would like to acknowledge the financial support from Qing Lan Project and Foundation of Graduate Innovation Center in NUAA (Grant No. kfjj20180503).


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