A novel compound fast fractional integral sliding mode control and adaptive PI control of a MEMS gyroscope

  • Mehran RahmaniEmail author
  • Mohammad Habibur Rahman
Technical Paper


This study considers a novel compound fast fractional integral sliding mode control and adaptive PI control (APIFFOISMC) of a MEMS gyroscope. MEMS gyroscope has been constantly encountered with external noises such as temperature change, vibration, and shock, which a new control law should be designed in order to be robust against mentioned perturbations. A novel fast fractional integral sliding mode control (FFOISMC) are proposed, which can suppress external disturbances. The main drawbacks of FFOISMC is creating a chattering phenomenon. Therefore, by using an adaptive PI controller, a novel compound control method is designed. An adaptive PI controller is able to continuously calculate an error value and applies correction value and then eliminates the chattering phenomenon. Simulation results illustrate the effectiveness of the proposed control technique.



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