Liouville theorem for bounded harmonic functions on manifolds and graphs satisfying non-negative curvature dimension condition

  • Bobo HuaEmail author


Brighton (in J Geom Anal 23(2):562–570, 2013) proved the Liouville theorem for bounded harmonic functions on weighted manifolds satisfying non-negative curvature dimension condition, i.e. \(\mathrm {CD}(0,\infty ).\) In this paper, we provide a new proof of this result by using the reverse Poincaré inequality. Moreover, we adopt this approach to prove the Liouville theorem for bounded harmonic functions on graphs satisfying the \(\mathrm {CD}(0,\infty )\) condition.

Mathematics Subject Classification

31C05 05C81 



The author would like to thank Yong Lin and Ariel Yadin for many stimulating discussions on Liouville theorems on discrete harmonic functions. The author is supported by NSFC (China), Grant Nos. 11831004, 11826031 and 11401106.


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