Characterization of n-rectifiability in terms of Jones’ square function: part I

  • Xavier TolsaEmail author


In this paper it is shown that if \(\mu \) is a finite Radon measure in \({\mathbb R}^d\) which is n-rectifiable and \(1\le p\le 2\), then
$$\begin{aligned} \displaystyle \int _0^\infty \beta _{\mu ,p}^n(x,r)^2\,\frac{dr}{r}<\infty \quad \mathrm{for}\,\, \mu {\text {-}}\mathrm{a.e.}\,\, x\in {\mathbb R}^d, \end{aligned}$$
$$\begin{aligned} \displaystyle \beta _{\mu ,p}^n(x,r) = \inf _L \left( \frac{1}{r^n} \int _{\bar{B}(x,r)} \left( \frac{\mathrm{dist}(y,L)}{r}\right) ^p\,d\mu (y)\right) ^{1/p}, \end{aligned}$$
with the infimum taken over all the n-planes \(L\subset {\mathbb R}^d\). The \(\beta _{\mu ,p}^n\) coefficients are the same as the ones considered by David and Semmes in the setting of the so called uniform n-rectifiability. An analogous necessary condition for n-rectifiability in terms of other coefficients involving some variant of the Wasserstein distance \(W_1\) is also proved.

Mathematics Subject Classification

28A75 28A78 42B20 


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