Erratum to: Internal Fractures After Blasting Confined Rock and Mortar Cylinders

  • I. KukoljEmail author
  • B. Oberdorfer
  • F. Ouchterlony

Erratum to:

Berg Huettenmaenn Monatsh 2019

Unfortunately there was a mistake concerning Figs. 6 and 7 as published in Issue 10.
Fig. 6

Deformation zones and crack patterns near the blast hole in the thin sections (SEM images). (ab Granite, 12 g/m (bl240). cd Mortar, 12 g/m PETN (bl20))

Fig. 7

Selected results of the fracture surface analysis in CloudCompare (mortar, 12 g/m PETN (bl20))

Please find here the corrected version.

We apologize for any inconvenience that might have occurred in this connection.

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  2. 2.Österreichisches Gießerei Institut (ÖGI)Montanuniversitaet LeobenLeobenAustria

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