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Congruences and ideals in generalized pseudoeffect algebras revisited

  • S. PulmannováEmail author


The first part of the present paper is an enhancement of the paper (Foulis et al. in Order 33:311–332, 2016). A new type of congruences on generalized pseudoeffect algebras (GPEAs), called R1-congruences, is introduced, which is in one-to-one correspondence with normal R1-ideals. The notion of Riesz congruences is reconsidered, and they are defined as congruences which are in one-to-one correspondence with normal Riesz ideals. In upward directed GPEAs, in particular in pseudoeffect algebras, both these types of congruences as well as ideals coincide. Conditions under which congruences and ideals in a GPEA P may be extended to a \(\gamma \)-unitization of U of P are clarified. In the last part of the paper, subcentral and central ideals in GPEAs and their relations to subdirect and direct decompositions are studied.


Effect algebra Pseudoeffect algebra Generalized pseudoeffect algebra R1-congruence R1-ideal Riesz congruence Riesz ideal Unitization Subcentral ideal 



The author was supported by Research and Development Support Agency under the Contract APVV-16-0073 and Grant VEGA 2/0069/16.

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