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Local, global and decentralized fuzzy-based computing paradigms for coordinated voltage control of grid-connected photovoltaic systems

  • Alfredo VaccaroEmail author
  • Hafsa Qamar
  • Haleema Qamar
Methodologies and Application


The high penetration of grid-connected PV systems in conventional electrical grids may cause serious technical limitations, which could hinder the pervasion of these systems. In this domain, the decreasing of the power quality levels due to voltage perturbation represents one of the main issues to address. In order to tackle this problem, the application of Fuzzy logic-based voltage control at the point of common coupling is considered as one of the most promising research direction. Although, various computing paradigms based on both local and global information processing could be deployed to address this issue, the selection of the most effective solution, which depends on the available communication facilities and the required control accuracy, is still an open problem requiring further investigations. In trying to solve this problem, in this paper the main features, the expected performances, and the technological requirements of both local and global fuzzy-based computing paradigms for coordinate voltage control are analyzed. Detailed simulation results obtained on a realistic case study are presented and discussed in order to validate the presented argumentations.


Fuzzy-based voltage control Photovoltaic systems Smart grids Decentralized control 


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Alfredo Vaccaro, Hafsa Qamar, and Haleema Qamar declare that they have no conflict of interest.

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