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List Supermodular Coloring with Shorter Lists

  • Yu YokoiEmail author


In 1995, Galvin proved that a bipartite graph G admits a list edge coloring if every edge is assigned a color list of length Δ(G) the maximum degree of the graph. This result was improved by Borodin, Kostochka and Woodall, who proved that G still admits a list edge coloring if every edge e=st is assigned a list of max{dG(s);dG(t)} colors. Recently, Iwata and Yokoi provided the list supermodular coloring theorem that extends Galvin's result to the setting of Schrijver's supermodular coloring. This paper provides a common generalization of these two extensions of Galvin's result.

Mathematics Subject Classification (2010)

05C15 68R05 


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