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  • Alex Sandro Campos MaiaEmail author
  • Vinicius Carvalho Fonseca
Special Issue: Brazilian Congress - Jaboticabal 2017

Letter to the reader

Historic aspects are very important to introduce the Special Issue of International Journal of Biometeorology “BRAZILIAN CONGRESS - JABOTICABAL 2017”. In November 2015, the Brazilian Society of Biometeorology (SBBiomet) and the Innovation Group in Biometeorology and Animal Welfare run the “I International Biometeorology Workshop “Animal, Human and Environment” held at the Sao Paulo State University (Unesp). During this conference occurred the Executive Board Meeting of SBBiomet Coordinated by Professor Alex Sandro Campos Maia (Past-President of the SBBiomet) and their members, which shared a discussion about inclusion of other correlated fields such as Ambience, Behavior and Animal Welfare in the SBBiomet. The outputs of this meeting suggest a new design for the SBBiomet and for the their next biannual Meeting, changing from the VII Brazilian Congress of Biometeorology to the VII Brazilian Congress of Biometeorology, Ambience, Behavior and Animal Welfare (CBBiomet) to be held from 30 July to 02 August 2017 at the São Paulo State University.

The VII CBBiomet was chaired by Professor Alex Sandro Campos Maia involved an extraordinary connections between 300 scientists (i.e., undergraduate and graduate students, researchers, professors and professionals) discussing better alternatives to attain sustainability in human and animals environment; in fact, the conference’s theme was “Environment Responsibility and Innovation”. The general program involved 6 pre-congress mini-courses, and 14 talks given by national and international speakers, whose covered topics such as Precision Livestock Farming, Greenhouses Gaseous, Climate Change and Human Society, Behavioural and Welfare aspects of humans and livestock. During the conference were presented 137 abstracts (18 oral presentations and 119 posters), which 64 from Animal Biometeorology, 19 from Phenology and Human Biometeorology, and 36 from Behavior and Animal Welfare. Among 137 abstract presented, a scientific committee (Prof. Dr. Roberto Gomes da Silva, Prof. Dr. Evaldo Antônio Lencioni Titto, Prof. Dr. Marcos Macari, Dr. Vinicius de Franca Carvalho Fonseca, Prof. Dr. Newton La Scala Júnior e Prof. Dr. Paulo Sergio Lúcio) selected 20 abstracts exclusively by their scientific merit, and encouraged authors to submit a full paper version for a peer-review process in the Special Issue of the International Journal of Biometeorology named BRAZILIAN CONGRESS - JABOTICABAL 2017.

This Special Issue had the Professor Alex Sandro Maia as filed editor, which opened manuscripts submissions in 15 December 2017 and has finished their volume in 20 June of 2019. In summary, 19 manuscripts were submitted and reviewed by a high quality peer-review process, which accepted 8 papers to be published in this Special Issue. These papers were originated from different research groups in Brazil that develops scientific knowledge and technologies on Animal and Human Biometeorology, Phenology, and Animal behavior and welfare, sharing common purposes and ideas to understand and suggest better alternatives on how human, animals and society can cope with the current environmental changes. Then, on behalf of the SBBiomet, we would like to express our sincere acknowledgement to International Society of Biometeorology (ISB) and the International Journal of Biometeorology (IJB) to open this possibility, and hope that the readers can enjoy it.


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  • Alex Sandro Campos Maia
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  • Vinicius Carvalho Fonseca
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  1. 1.Innovation Group of Biometeorology and Animal Welfare (Inobio-Manera), Biometorology LaboratorySão Paulo State UniversityJaboticabalBrazil

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