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“Strawberry wees forever?”: Answers

  • Bernward HinkesEmail author
  • Kerstin Benz
  • Julia Köhler
  • Wolfgang Rascher
  • Karin Hirsch
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    Chyluria, the loss of chyle via the urinary tract, is a rare condition among children.

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    Non-parasitic forms of childhood chyluria are predominantly observed in Western countries.

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    Consistent with chyle leakage from the upper urinary tract or bladder the T2-sequence of the magnetic resonance tomography (MRT)–urography showed a ventral hypointense chyluric layer on top of the hyperintense urine. We then performed a cystoscopy, the leading diagnostic intervention in childhood chyluria, in order to locate a fistula between the lymphatic and urinary system.



Chyluria, the loss of chyle via the urinary tract, is a rare condition among children [1, 2, 3]. While parasitic tropical infections, in particular lymphatic filariasis caused by Wuchereria banchrofti, represent the major cause of chyluria, rarer non-parasitic forms prevail in Western countries [4]. Classically, chyluria presents as a loss of milky urine, rich in triglycerides, chylomicrons, and albumin,...


“Strawberry yoghurt-like” urine MR–urography Urinary tract 

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  • Julia Köhler
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  • Wolfgang Rascher
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  • Karin Hirsch
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