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C. Ronco, A. Brendolan, N.W. Levin (eds): Cardiovascular disorders in hemodialysis (Contributions to Nephrology series, vol 149)

Karger, Basel, 2005, 364 pp (ISBN 3-8055-7938-1), list price US$207.25, sale price US$114.50
  • Mark M. MitsnefesEmail author
Book Review

Five years ago pediatric nephrologists would probably have paid little attention to an adult book discussing cardiovascular disease (CVD) in dialyzed patients. However, over the last few years, we have learned that cardiac abnormalities are not the “privilege” of adults but that they are already present in children on maintenance dialysis. This is why I had a great interest in the new volume in the Contributions to nephrology series entitled ‘Cardiovascular disorders in hemodialysis’. From my first browsing of the book I was slightly disappointed, since not a single line in the book mentioned children. Did it surprise me?—definitely not. We all have to admit that on many occasions we are introduced to and learn about a new health problem in our pediatric population from adult nephrology research and, in this respect, CVD is not an exception. Thus, despite the focus of this book on adults, it clearly deserves the attention of the pediatric nephrologist.

There are a few chapters in this...

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