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A novel ligation forceps can be used as a ligature carrier and knot pusher during laparoscopic surgery

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To extend the usefulness of laparoscopic operations, a secure and easy method for the ligation of large vessels is needed. Herein we describe a novel ligation forceps that can be used as a ligature carrier and knot pusher.


A 2–0 suture thread with a knot already tied near one end is hooked in the upper jaw of a novel ligation forceps. After the lower jaw is passed under the vessel or cystic duct, the forceps is closed. When one end of the thread is withdrawn, the knot is trapped in the indentation built into the lower jaw; the ligature is then passed under the pedicle. An extracorporeal ligation can then be performed continuously by the same forceps.


The origins of large vessels were ligated safely and easily with this device during 65 laparoscopic procedures (four total colectomies, 12 colectomies, and 49 gastrectomies). Following temporary hemostasis of accidental bleeding with clamping forceps, ligation hemostasis can also be performed using this instrument.


This novel ligation forceps permits the secure ligation of vessels or a cystic duct without the need for another device. The proposed method is both easy and inexpensive.

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Online publication: 3 April 2001

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