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Small bowel obstructions following the use of barbed suture: a review of the literature and analysis of the MAUDE database



Barbed suture has been adopted across all surgical specialties. One of the infrequent complications seen with the use of barbed suture is small bowel obstructions (SBOs). In this study, we perform a review of the literature and the Manufacturer and User Facility Device Experience Database (MAUDE) to characterize SBOs after the use of barbed sutures in a variety of operative procedures.


A review of the literature was performed by searching PubMed and Ovid. We used the search terms: “barbed,” “suture,” “bowel,” and “obstructions.” For each case report, we examined the initial surgical procedure, type of barbed suture used, the type of complication, the time to complication, the presentation, and the type of operative interventions required. We did the same with the MAUDE database.


Our review of the literature revealed 18 different cases of SBO secondary to the use of barbed suture. The four most common procedures, with a total of four cases each, were inguinal hernia procedures, myomectomy, hysterectomy, and pelvic floor reconstructive procedures.

The average time of presentation to SBO was found to be 26.3 days post-op (1–196 days). A total of 16 patients (88.9%) presented with abdominal pain. Other common complaints included vomiting (33.3%), abdominal distension (27.8%), oral intolerance (22.2%), and constipation (16.7%). A total of 5 cases were also found to have a possible volvulus on computed tomography (CT), and 2 cases were reported to have strangulation. The MAUDE database had 14 cases reporting on obstruction.


Surgeons should have a high index of suspicion for SBO if a patient presents with obstructive symptoms after a surgery that used barbed suture. This will often present as a mesenteric volvulus on CT. These particular SBOs require operative exploration, with laparoscopy being successful in the majority of cases.

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