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Modified liver hanging maneuver focusing on outflow control in pure laparoscopic left-sided hepatectomy

  • Ji Hoon KimEmail author



Outflow control during laparoscopic liver resection necessitates the use of technically demanding procedures since the hepatic veins are fragile and vulnerable to damage during parenchymal transection. The liver hanging maneuver reduces venous backflow bleeding during deep parenchymal transection. The present report describes surgical outcomes and a technique to achieve outflow control during application of the modified liver hanging maneuver in patients undergoing laparoscopic left-sided hepatectomy.


A retrospective review was performed of clinical data from 29 patients who underwent laparoscopic left-sided hepatectomy using the modified liver hanging maneuver between February 2013 and March 2017. For this hanging technique, the upper end of the hanging tape was placed on the lateral aspect of the left hepatic vein. The tape was then aligned with the ligamentum venosum. The position of the lower end of the hanging tape was determined according to left-sided hepatectomy type. The hanging tape gradually encircled either the left hepatic vein or the common trunk of the left hepatic vein and middle hepatic vein.


The surgical procedures comprised: left lateral sectionectomy (n = 10); left hepatectomy (n = 17); and extended left hepatectomy including the middle hepatic vein (n = 2). Median operative time was 210 min (range 90–350 min). Median intraoperative blood loss was 200 ml (range 60–600 ml). Two intraoperative major hepatic vein injuries occurred during left hepatectomy. Neither patient developed massive bleeding or air embolism. Postoperative major complications occurred in one patient (3.4%). Median postoperative hospital stay was 7 days (range 4–15 days). No postoperative mortality occurred.


The present modified liver hanging maneuver is a safe and effective method of outflow control during laparoscopic left-sided hepatectomy.


Liver hanging maneuver Outflow control Left-sided hepatectomy Laparoscopic liver resection 


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