Glove port, how do we do it? A low-cost alternative to the single-port approach



The need for cosmetic results in our society and the necessity of an early recovery have promoted the development of minimally invasive techniques, including single-port approach. Some studies have tried to demonstrate the advantages of this access compared with conventional laparoscopic approach. This type of approach requires a high-cost multi-port device, so that some surgeons have tried to create a low-cost homemade device.

Materials and methods

With this video we intend to show how to build a glove port, a low-cost alternative for the approach by a single port.


A glove port is a cost effective approach that could be use instead of multi-port device.

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Correspondence to Lara Fernández Cepedal.

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Lara Fernández Cepedal, Mikel Prieto Calvo, Héctor Marín Ortega, Aingeru Sarriugarte Lasarte, Christian Pérez González, José Félix Fernández Val, José María García González and Alberto Colina Alonso have no conflicts of interest or financial ties to disclose.

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Cepedal, L.F., Calvo, M.P., Ortega, H.M. et al. Glove port, how do we do it? A low-cost alternative to the single-port approach. Surg Endosc 30, 5136–5137 (2016).

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  • Minimally invasive approach
  • Single-port
  • Glove port
  • Low cost