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A new variable-view rigid endoscope evaluated in advanced gynecologic laparoscopy: a pilot study



This pilot study aimed to evaluate the optical performance and clinical handling of a new variable-view rigid endoscope with angulation from 0º to 120º in gynecologic laparoscopic surgery.


The EndoCAMeleon endoscope was assessed by experienced surgeons and assistants during a variety of advanced gynecologic laparoscopic procedures. After each procedure, both the surgeon and the assistant each completed questionnaires designed to assess the endoscope’s ease of handling and optical performance.


The endoscope was assessed during 21 advanced procedures. Questionnaire responses confirmed surgeon and assistant satisfaction with the mechanical handling and vision provided by the endoscope. In particular, the ability to vary the viewing angles enabled the surgeon to visualize the surgical site without moving the endoscope shaft.


The new endoscope performed well in the hands of experienced surgeons and assistants undertaking advanced procedures. The variable-view rigid endoscope allows the use of visual ports during primary port entry and enhances vision. Further study is required to evaluate its performance in routine practice.

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We thank Karl Storz GmbH, Tuttlingen, for providing the EndoCAMeleon used in this study.


H.-R. Tinneberg is a consultant for Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Ethicon products, Nordic Pharma, and Covidien. A. Hackethal is a consultant for Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Ethicon products, Terumo, and Nordic Pharma. K. Eskef, F. Oehmke, G. Tchartchian, and K. Muenstedt have no conflicts of interest or financial ties to disclose.

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