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Treatment of primary spontaneous pneumothorax by videothoracoscopic talc pleurodesis under local anesthesia: a review of 133 procedures

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To review our experience of treatment of primary spontaneous pneumothorax by videothoracoscopic talc pleurodesis.


From 2000 to 2008, 124 consecutive patients with primary spontaneous pneumothorax were operated; 105 were men (84.7%) and 19 were women (15.3%) with a mean age of 26.6 years (range 17–46 years).


No mortality was recorded. Staging according to Vanderschueren’s classification was as follows: stage I, 61 patients (45.9%); stage II, 39 patients (29.3%); stage III, 31 patients (23.3%); stage IV, two patients (1.5%). The overall rate of complications was 9% (12/133), corresponding to prolonged air leak in 9(6.7%) patients and hemothorax in 3(2.2%) patients. Four patients (3%) had recurrence requiring reoperation. There were no episodes of acute respiratory failure, pneumonia or subcutaneous emphysema following talc pleurodesis.


Thoracoscopic pleural talc pleurodesis as a treatment for recurrent pneumothorax is easy, safe, and rapid, and causes minimal morbidity and mortality.

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Drs. Ramos, Moya, Macia, Rivas, Ureña, Rosado, Escobar, Saumench, Cabrera, Delgado, Villalonga, and Ramos-Izquierdo have no conflicts of interest or financial ties to disclose.

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  • Spontaneous pneumothorax
  • Thoracoscopic surgery
  • Talc pleurodesis
  • Local anesthesia