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Laparoscopy in the diagnosis and management of a complicated paraovarian cyst

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Paraovarian cysts account for 10% of adnexal masses and are most common in the 3rd and 4th decades of life. They vary from small asymptomatic lesions to larger cysts, which may undergo hemorrhage or torsion. Children are rarely affected, and the diagnosis—particularly if pain presents in the right lower quadrant—may be difficult because the differentials diagnosis is wide. We report the case of a child who presented with a complicated paraovarian cyst. Laparoscopy enabled immediate diagnosis and appropriate management. We discuss the role of laparoscopy and the value of the Harmonic Scalpel in the management of these rare cysts.

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  • Paraovarian cyst
  • Torsion
  • Laparoscopy
  • Pediatric population