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Stent migration necessitating surgical intervention


Background: Internal drainage with transhepatically or endoscopically placed endoprostheses has been used for many years as a temporary or definitive treatment for biliary tract obstruction. As a late complication, stent migration may occur. Methods: We reviewed our records to identify patients who were operated on for a migrated endoprosthesis that was causing complications. In all, five such patients were identified. Results: One patient had a large bowel perforation. Bowel penetration led to an interenteric fistula in one patient and to a biliocolic fistula formation in another. Small bowel distension was found in two patients. Surgical treatment consisted of local excision in three patients, segmental resection in one patient, and a bypass operation in the patient with biliocolic fistula. Postoperatively, four patients recovered without problems, but one patient died during a complicated postoperative course. Conclusion: If a stent becomes stuck in the gastrointestinal tract and is not accessible for endoscopic removal, early operative revision is mandatory to prevent further complications.

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