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Can current technology be integrated to facilitate laparoscopic living donor hepatectomy?

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Background: Living donor hepatectomy (LDH) is a technically demanding procedure that is an alternative for providing livers for transplantation. Unlike liver resections for other pathology, LDH requires preservation of the major vessels and biliary tree. This study was performed to determine if current technology can be integrated to perform laparoscopic LDH. Methods: Six adult sheep underwent laparoscopic LDH of the left lateral segment under general anesthesia. Instruments utilized included standard dissecting instruments, ultrasound, ultrasonic dissectors, CUSA, the TissueLink Floating Ball, and endoscopic staplers. Results: LDH-harvested liver grafts were 44% of whole liver weight. Estimated blood loss was 300 cc. Warm ischemia time was 5–7 min. Grafts were delivered through 18-cm abdominal wounds. Major vessels and biliary anatomy were positively identified in the grafts. Conclusions: Laparoscopic LDH can be performed with available technology. Theoretical advantages include reduced liver manipulation and smaller wound size.

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