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Laparoscopic gastric banding

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Introduction: Laparoscopic gastric banding (LGB) is currently the most popular purely restrictive bariatric operation in Europe and many other countries. It has a low operative morbidity, but is associated with a substantial late complication rate. Many late complications have been attributed to technical errors or to the learning curve. The aim of this paper is to present our results with gastric banding after the learning curve in order to disclose the true incidence of long-term complications. Methods: LGB was introduced in our department in December 1995. Thirty patients were operated on until June 1997 using the early banding technique (band within the lesser sac), at which time the surgical technique was slightly modified in order to place the band above the lesser sac. Then another 300 patients underwent LGB using either the Lapband or the SAGB system. This report focuses on the latter patients. All the data were collected prospectively. Results: The series includes 300 patients (257 women and 43 men) with a mean age of 38.3 years (19–64). The mean initial weight was 119.2 kg (57–179), initial body mass index (BMI) was 43.3 kg/m2 (21–64), and initial excess weight was 96.5% (0–191). The mean duration of surgery was 90 min, decreasing over time to a mean of 75 min for the last 50 cases. Early overall morbidity was 6.6%. Major complications occurred in 7 patients (2.3%). Excess weight loss (EWL) was at least 50% in 66% of the patients after 2 years, averaging 60%, with no substantial change until 4 years, and the BMI stabilized between 30 and 31 kg/m2. Forty-nine patients developed a total of 52 long-term complications, of which 23 (7.6%) were related only to the port or catheter. Band erosion occurred in 17 (5.6%), pouch dilatation with slippage in 8 (2.6%), and infection in 4 (1.3%) patients. Fifty-five reoperations were necessary. Twenty-five of these were related only to the port. The band was removed from 26 (9%) patients, of whom 17 were converted to Roux-en-Y gastric bypass. Conclusions: LGB gives satisfactory results in terms of weight loss in about two-thirds of the patients. Even beyond the learning curve, the long-term morbidity is not negligible, but is acceptable compared to other procedures such as vertical banded gastroplasty. Conversion to gastric bypass is possible when complications occur and can be performed when the band is removed in most cases.

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