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Laparoscopic cholecystectomy in octogenarians

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Background: This study aimed to assess the outcome of laparoscopic cholecystectomy (LC) in patients 80 years old or older. Methods: All consecutive patients 80 years old or older who underwent LC for symptomatic gallstone disease were evaluated. Data analysis included patients’ age, gender, indication for surgery, comorbid condition, American Society of Anesthesiology (ASA) score, preoperative endoscopic retrograde cholangio pancreatography (ERCP), intraoperative cholangiogram, operative time, conversion to open surgery, morbidity, mortality, and length of stay. Results: In this study, 67 patients (31 men and 36 women) with a mean age of 84 years (range, 80–90 years) were evaluated. Of these 67 patients, 38 (57%) underwent surgery for complicated diseases including acute cholecystitis in 15 patients (22%), gallstone pancreatitis in 17 patients (25%), cholangitis in 3 patients (4.5%), and obstructive jaundice in 3 patients (4.5%). A total of 38 patients (57%) had a preoperative ASA of 3 or 4; 23 (34%) had a preoperative ERCP; and 6 (9%) had intraoperative cholangiogram. The mean operative time was 94 ± 20 min. Five patients (7.4%) underwent conversion to open surgery because of unclear anatomy. Complications occurred in 12 patients (18%) including pulmonary edema in 3 patients, myocardial infarction in 1 patient, atelectasis in 2 patients, common bile duct injury in 1 patient, urinary tract infection in 2 patients, wound infection in 2 patients, and intraabdominal infected hematoma in 1 patient. The mean length of stay was 5.3 days. There was no mortality. Conclusions: In octogenarians LC is safe and associated with acceptable morbidity and mortality. Therefore, it should be considered for this age group. The relatively high incidence of complicated gallstone disease in this age group may be decreased if surgery is offered to them at earlier stage of the disease, leading to further decrease in perioperative morbidity.

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