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Photoionization/fragmentation of endohedral fullerenes


Photoionizationlfragmentation of endohedral fullerenes was investigated by use of laser-de sorption time-offlight (LD-TOF) mass spectroscopy. The velocity distribution of the parent ion (LaC 82 + ) was found to be bimodal, as has previously been shown for laser desorbed C 60 + . The 0 fragment ions have velocity distributions corresponding predominantly to the fast parent ion distribution. The LD-TOF mass spectra taken with a relatively low laser fluence were independent of the delay time of the extraction pulse, showing only a monotonically decreasing pattern of LaC 2n + (as n decreased). However, with higher laser fluence, it was shown that the mass distributions drastically changed from the monotonically decreasing pattern to that of C 2n + and LaC 2n + with magic numbers. Based on these findings, a plausible photoionization/fragmentation mechanism is presented and discussed.

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