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On Walrasian Price of CPU Time

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We study a Walrasian equilibrium model to determine the price of CPU time. The customers have jobs that require a given length of CPU slot allocation with their valuations dependent on the assigned time slots. The owner of the CPU processing time receives compensation for time slots sold to the customers, subject to the condition that the slots sold to a customer are those that the customer most desires, given the price structure for the time slots. We establish conditions for jobs to have Walrasian equilibrium, and obtain complexity results to determine the Walrasian equilibrium. In particular, the issues of excessive supply of CPU time and price dynamics are discussed under our model.

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Correspondence to Li-Sha Huang.

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Deng, X., Huang, L. & Li, M. On Walrasian Price of CPU Time. Algorithmica 48, 159–172 (2007). https://doi.org/10.1007/s00453-007-0064-9

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  • Time Slot
  • Completion Time
  • Price Vector
  • Valuation Function
  • Walrasian Equilibrium