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The cell–cell junctions of mammalian testes—a summary

  • Lisa M. DomkeEmail author
The molecular and ultrastructural characteristics of the epithelial cells in the seminiferous tubules as well as the peritubular wall cells of mammalian testes have been subject of controversial debates and publications for several decades. Using biochemical as well as light and electron microscopical methods, in particular immunolocalization techniques, we have studied sexually mature testes from several mammalian species (man, bull, boar, guinea pig, rat, and mouse). The analyses included direct interspecies comparison of the tubular and peritubular structures with epithelial tissues of the adjacent excurrent duct system, including the epididymis, and in addition other comparative epithelial and muscular tissue controls (Domke 2018). The results of the subject studies have been published in a series of three articles “The cell-cell junctions of mammalian testes”:
  1. I.

    The adhering junctions of the seminiferous epithelium represent special differentiation structures (Domke et al. 2014).


Seminiferous tubules Lamellar smooth muscle cells Cell junctions 



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