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VAMP8/Endobrevin is a critical factor for the homotypic granule growth in pancreatic acinar cells


The delivery of newly-formed secretory content to the granule inventory occurs through direct fusion of recently formed granules and mature granules. The introduction of knockout mice allowed us to investigate the characteristics of the delivery process and to determine the core protein machinery required for granule growth. The SNARE machinery mediates membrane fusion and is essential for the granule lifecycle. In the current work, we use VAMP8 knockout mice to show that the SNARE machinery plays a critical role in the process of granule homotypic fusion. Consistent with this, the mutated mouse pancreatic acinar secretory granules are significantly smaller compared to the control group, demonstrating few granule profiles that might be the result of homotypic fusion.

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We thank the staff of the Biological Resource Center (BRC, Singapore) for maintaining the VAMP8 knockout mice. This work is funded by The Singapore Agency for Science, Technology and Research (H.W.J. and W.C.C.) and by Tel Aviv University Intramural Research Program Funds (I.H.).

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