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Expression of peripherin in human cochlea

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The organ of Corti contains two different types of auditory receptors; the inner (IHCs) and outer (OHCs) hair cells. This dualism is further represented in their innervation, IHCs being innervated by type I neurons, and OHCs by type II neurons (in man, named small ganglion cells). Two efferent systems are also present. Here, we have analyzed the expression of the 57-kDa neuron-specific intermediate filament protein peripherin (PP) in human cochlea. In the human organ of Corti, PP seems to be specifically expressed in OHC afferents. Small or type II spiral ganglion cell bodies also intensely express PP. Thus, PP can be used as a marker for the characterization of the innervation of the OHC system in man.

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Correspondence to Wei Liu or Helge Rask-Andersen.

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This study was supported by ALF grants from Uppsala University Hospital and Uppsala University and by the Foundation “Tysta Skolan”, the Sellander Foundation, and the Swedish Deafness Foundation (HRF). Our research is a part of the European Community 6th Framework Programme on Research, Technological Development and Demonstration (Nanotechnology-based Targeted Drug Delivery; contract number: NMP-2004–, project acronym: NANOEAR; NINDC[NIH] 1 R 24 DC 008625).

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