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The box-crossing property for critical two-dimensional oriented percolation

  • H. Duminil-Copin
  • V. Tassion
  • A. TeixeiraEmail author


We consider critical oriented Bernoulli percolation on the square lattice \(\mathbb {Z}^2\). We prove a Russo–Seymour–Welsh type result which allows us to derive several new results concerning the critical behavior:
  • We establish that the probability that the origin is connected to distance n decays polynomially fast in n.

  • We prove that the critical cluster of 0 conditioned to survive to distance n has a typical width \(w_n\) satisfying \(\varepsilon n^{2/5}\le w_n\le n^{1-\varepsilon }\) for some \(\varepsilon >0\).

The sub-linear polynomial fluctuations contrast with the supercritical regime where \(w_n\) is known to behave linearly in n. It is also different from the critical picture obtained for non-oriented Bernoulli percolation, in which the scaling limit is non-degenerate in both directions. All our results extend to the graphical representation of the one-dimensional contact process.


Percolation Oriented percolation Critical behaviour Contact process Renormalization 

Mathematics Subject Classification

60K35 82B43 82C43 



We are grateful to Daniel Valesin for the careful reading of the first version of this article and for their very helpful comments. The work of the two first authors was supported by a grant from the Swiss NSF and the NCCR SwissMap also funded by the Swiss NSF. The project was initiated during a stay of the third author to the Université de Genève, and the authors are grateful to the institution for making such a stay possible. AT was supported by CNPq grants 306348/2012-8 and 478577/2012-5 and by FAPERJ grant 202.231/2015.


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Institut des Hautes Études ScientifiquesBures-sur-YvetteFrance
  2. 2.Département de mathématiquesUniversité de GenéveGeneva 4Switzerland
  3. 3.Instituto Nacional de Matemática Pura e Aplicada - IMPARio de JaneiroBrazil

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