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MsLDR-creator: a web service to design msLDR assays


MsLDR-creator is a free web service to design assays for the new DNA methylation detection method msLDR. The service provides the user with all necessary information about the oligonucleotides required for the measurement of a given CpG within a sequence of interest. The parameters are calculated by the nearest neighbour approach to achieve optimal behaviour during the experimental procedure. In addition, to guarantee a good start using msLDR, further information, like protocols and hints and tricks, are provided.

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Correspondence to Felix Bormann.

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MsLDR-creator is available as web interface at:

Communicated by S. Hohmann.

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Bormann, F., Dahl, A. & Sers, C. MsLDR-creator: a web service to design msLDR assays. Mol Genet Genomics 287, 273–274 (2012).

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  • msLDR
  • DNA-methylation
  • Epigenetics
  • Webservice
  • Multiplex
  • Universal TaqMan