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Pol5p, a novel binding partner to Cdc10p in fission yeast involved in rRNA production


Cdc10p is a major component of the cell cycle transcription factor complex MBF that controls G1–S phase specific gene expression in the fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe. Here, we describe the identification of a new binding partner to Cdc10p and Pol5p. Pol5p was discovered through a 2-hybrid screen, with the direct interaction confirmed by in vitro “pull-down” experiments with bacterially expressed proteins. Pol5p appears to have no role in cell cycle gene expression, but is instead required for rRNA production. Pol5p is an essential gene, expressed constitutively throughout both the mitotic and meiotic life cycles, and localises to the nucleus. Over-expressing Pol5p has no phenotype, but reducing levels of Pol5p inhibits rRNA production. Pol5p is shown to bind to rDNA promoter fragments. Potentially, we have identified a mechanism by which Cdc10p controls rDNA gene expression, therefore linking the cell cycle with cellular growth.

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The work was supported by grants from the Wellcome Trust and the MRC. F.K.M and D.B were supported by studentships from the BBSRC and the Wellcome Trust. We thank Laura Gillies, Mridu Acharya and Andrew Hughes for assistance with the GFP and gel retardation experiments, and other members of the lab for help and encouragement during the course of this work.

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Correspondence to Christopher J. McInerny.

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  • Cell cycle
  • Fission yeast
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