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Identification and functional characterisation of ctr1, a Pleurotus ostreatus gene coding for a copper transporter

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Copper homeostasis is crucial for the maintenance of life. In lignin-degrading fungi, copper is essential for the phenol oxidase enzymes that provide this activity. In this paper we report the characterization of a gene (ctr1) coding for a copper transporter in the white rot fungus Pleurotus ostreatus. The gene was identified in a cDNA library constructed from 4-day-old vegetative mycelium grown in liquid culture. The results presented here demonstrate that: (1) ctr1 functionally complements the respiratory deficiency of a yeast mutant defective in copper transport, supporting the idea that the Ctr1 protein is itself a copper transporter; (2) transcription of ctr1 is detectable in P. ostreatus at all developmental stages and in all tissues (with the exception of lamellae), and is negatively regulated by the presence of copper in the culture medium; (3) ctr1 is a single-copy gene that maps to P. ostreatus linkage group III; and (4) the regulatory sequence elements found in the promoter of ctr1 are similar to those found in other copper-related genes described in other systems. These results provide the first description of a copper transporter in this white rot fungus and should be useful for further studies on copper metabolism in higher basidiomycetes.

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This work was supported by Research Project AGL 2002-04222-C03-01 of the Comisión Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología, and by Funds of the Universidad Pública de Navarra (Pamplona, Spain). The authors acknowledge Dr. Smitha Jagadish for providing p426GPD and Dr. Heinz D. Osiewacz for providing the S. cerevisiae strain 83. This work was carried out in compliance with the current laws governing genetic experimentation in Spain.

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Correspondence to Antonio G. Pisabarro.

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