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Correction to: Myiasis in humans—a global case report evaluation and literature analysis

  • Victoria BernhardtEmail author
  • Fabian Finkelmeier
  • Marcel A. Verhoff
  • Jens Amendt

Correction to: Parasitology Research

It was brought to the authors’ attention that a citation within the published article was cited incorrectly. The relevant part should read instead:

According to these observations, a case report from 2006, describing a furuncular myiasis with Cor. anthropophaga, was suspected to have taken place in southern Portugal for the first time (Curtis et al. 2006). Together with at least one other autochthonous case of Cor. anthropophaga in Europe, namely in Spain, and several imported cases caused by Cor. anthropophaga as well as Cor. rodhaini (Pezzi et al. 2015), this could indicate an expansion of the range of the genus Cordylobia from Africa to Europe, at least by temporary establishment.

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  2. 2.Department of Medicine I, GastroenterologyUniversity Hospital Frankfurt, Goethe-UniversityFrankfurt, MainGermany

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