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The morphology and histopathology of Nephridiacanthus major (Acanthocephala: Oligacanthorhynchidae) from hedgehogs in Iran


The morphology of Nephridiacanthus major (Bremser 1811 in Westrumb 1821) Golvan, 1962 collected from the long-eared hedgehog Hemiechinus auritus (Gmelin 1770) and the Eastern European hedgehog Erinaceus concolor Martin, 1838 (Erinaceidae) is described using SEM for the first time. This acanthocephalan was previously described from hedgehogs in Europe, Asia, and Africa. Measurements of specimens from Iran, Bulgaria, Germany, Central Asia, Morocco, and Egypt show considerable variations in the size of the trunk, proboscis, proboscis hooks and receptacle, and eggs. The SEM studies add new perspectives to its morphology. Features observed for the first time include the near terminal position and shape of the female gonopore and orifice, among others. Histopathological studies for this species are reported for the first time. Tissue sections show extensive damage near the proboscis with hemorrhaging and formation of collagenous connective tissue, compression of the intestinal mucosa, obstruction of intestinal lumen, and extensive necrosis of host epithelial tissue.

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  • Host Tissue
  • Terpineol
  • Acid Carmine
  • Collagenous Connective Tissue
  • Intestinal Lining