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The Gyrodactylidae fauna of rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss Walbaum 1792 in the Rogg breeding pound in Bavaria, Germany

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In July 2005, 107 rainbow trout in age 1+ from a salmonid farm in Southern Germany situated in the southern tributary area of the Danube river were examined. The aim of this study was to determine the gyrodactylid species found on rainbow trout and to identify their location on the host’s body. In total, 291 specimens from genus Gyrodactylus were collected. The most abundantly occurring species was Gyrodactylus truttae (181 specimens), whilst the others were less abundant. For the first time in Germany, Gyrodactylus teuchis and Gyrodactylus derjavinoides on rainbow trout were found. Most parasites occurred on the pectoral and ventral fins. Few specimens were found on the anal or caudal fins, in the oral cavity or on the gills. The only uninfected place was the nasal cavity.

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This work was supported by a DAAD scholarship. I would like to thank Prof. Kurt Buchmann from the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Denmark who helped with the identification of this species.

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Correspondence to E. Dzika.

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