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Phlebotomus (Euphlebotomus) mascomai n. sp. (Diptera–Psychodidae)

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A new species of sandfly is described from limestone caves in Thailand. The inclusion of this species in the subgenus Euphlebotomus is justified on the basis of characters of the male genitalia (paramere, basal lobe). The male–female gathering in the same taxon is based on ecological (cavernicolous species), morphological (length of male genital filaments and female spermathecal ducts) and molecular (homology of cytochrome b mt DNA sequences) criteria. A differential diagnosis between Phlebotomus mascomai n. sp. and P. argentipes Annandale & Brunetti, the vector of Leishmania donovani (Laveran & Mesnil) in India, is proposed based on several morphological characters like antennal formula and genitalia.

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The authors thank Philippe Barbazan, providing us the specimens and Matthieu Kaltenbach for proof reading the manuscript.

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Correspondence to Jérôme Depaquit.

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  • Visceral Leishmaniasis
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