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Myxobolus lubati n. sp. (Myxosporea: Myxobolidae), a new parasite of haffara seabream Rhabdosargus haffara (Forsskal, 1775), Red Sea, Egypt: a light and transmission electron microscopy


A new myxosporean parasite, Myxobolus lubati n. sp., was described from the wall of the intestine of haffara seabream Rhabdosargus haffara (Forsskal 1775), Red Sea, Egypt. Macroscopic plasmodia of about 300 μm diameter were located in the circular muscle layer of the intestine. The spores were ovoid and sometimes ellipsoid and measured 9.8 × 7.2 μm. The shell wall of the spore was thickened at the posterior end and marked with 5–7 sutural markings. Polar capsules were equal and pyriform with three polar filament turns situated in the posterior half of the polar capsule. Polar capsules measured 4.2 × 1.6 μm. Histological evaluation of the infection revealed a slight distention of the intestinal layer of muscularis. Ultrastructure of the plasmodial wall and sporogenesis of the present species followed the usual pattern valid for most studied myxosporean species.

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The authors are thankful for the technical assistance of Dr. Aimdip Mouafo and Dr. Fleig at the Electron Microscopy. We also appreciate the University of Dresden (Freunden und Förderer) for funding the electron microscopic study.

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