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Identification and specificity of a 38 kDa Loa loa antigenic fraction in sera from high-microfilaraemic Gabonese patients

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Circulating antigens isolated from sera of three high-microfilaraemic (Loa loa) Gabonese patients were fractionated by gel filtration. A major component (38 kDa) was identified after SDS-PAGE and immunoblotting using sera of amicrofilaraemic patients with high level of antimicrofilariae Loa loa antibodies. The 38 kDa fraction was not found in the sera of parasitised patients or healthy controls. We looked for the 38 kDa antigen in the various stages of the filarial life cycle and found it in extracts of Loa loa microfilariae but not in somatic extracts of Loa loa male and female adult worms. This fraction could be used as a diagnostic marker in loiasis for amicrofilaraemic patients.

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