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Acute rheumatic fever without early carditis: an atypical clinical presentation

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The original Jones criteria, first introduced in 1944, have been modified four times and updated-revised criteria were published in 1992. A variety of clinical manifestations, which may be the presenting signs and symptoms of acute rheumatic fever, are not included in the updated-revised Jones criteria. A retrospective study was conducted on all children previously diagnosed to have acute rheumatic fever between September 1998 and September 2002. Review was focused on clinical presentation; out of 60 medical records reviewed, 4 patients with unusual clinical presentation were recognised and are reported here to highlight the potential diagnostic problems of acute rheumatic fever. They presented with atypical articular involvement, silent carditis and low-grade fever in the presence some time of a positive family history for rheumatic fever. Conclusion:a high index of suspicion and an awareness of the absence of early carditis are necessary to make the diagnosis of acute rheumatic fever.

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acute rheumatic fever


post-streptococcal reactive arthritis

RF :

rheumatic fever


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