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Book Review—Head and neck pathology, 3rd edition

  • Abbas AgaimyEmail author
Book Review

The last two decades have attended tremendous developments in the field of head and neck pathology. This was the consequence of several recently introduced innovative diagnostic technologies but also the fruit of some seminal simple morphological observations on diseases traditionally considered to be part of the spectrum of a single entity. These developments made head and neck pathology one of the most dynamic areas in surgical pathology.

In light of these rapid developments, having a book written by distinguished experts in the field of head and neck pathology is inevitable. Such a work desk reference should be written in a simplified and highly concise way to be much useful for the broad community of surgical pathologists during their routine handling of biopsy and resection specimens from the head and neck region, at the same time being useful for a quick-look back by those familiar with the subspecialty.

As the 2nd volume in the series Foundation in Diagnostic Pathology (series editor: John R. Goldblum), the hard-cover 784-pages Head and Neck Pathology by Lester D. R. Thompson and Justin A. Bishop represents a highlight in the Foundation in Diagnostic Pathology Series and fulfills the requirement set above. The book is written by world-class head and neck pathologists. Starting with benign non-neoplastic lesions, followed by benign and then malignant neoplasms in a highly organized and concise way throughout the book, the authors cover all areas of head and neck pathology starting from the sinonasal cavities and ending up with pathology of cervical soft tissues and lymph nodes.

Well-readable, brief, and concise descriptions of pathological features of the different diseases illustrated by numerous high-quality color photographs including gross specimens are the hallmark of the book. Description and illustration of the radiological findings, when necessary and relevant, represent one of its strengths. The authors provided the readers with well-thought-of, brief, and concise summary of the pertinent clinicopathological and demographic features of every disease entity in the form of disease fact sheets. In addition, they give a concise summary of the pathological findings for each disease in a tabular form starting with gross findings down to the differential diagnosis. These simplified presentations complement in an easy-to-use fashion the comprehensive descriptions of the different disease entities given by the authors in each section.

Last but not least, maintaining the same level of consistency for the diverse disease entities throughout the book and dealing with uncommon lesions and functional non-neoplastic disorders as well as rare infectious diseases with same focus as for other common lesions makes the book a good friend for the wide pathology community and not only limited to those with a main focus on, or interest in, neoplastic versus non-neoplastic clinical diseases of the head and neck.

Head and neck pathology, 3rd edition

A Volume in the Series: Foundations in Diagnostic Pathology.

Lester D. R. Thompson, MD & Justin A. Bishop, MD.

Print ISBN 9780323479165.

784 pp.


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