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Intravascular large T-cell lymphoma: a case report of CD30-positive and ALK-negative anaplastic type with cytotoxic molecule expression


We reported a case of intravascular T-cell lymphoma (T-IVL) with anaplastic large cell morphology, the hemophagocytic syndrome, and an aggressive clinical course. Phenotypic analysis of the tumor cells revealed CD2+, CD3−, CD4+, CD5−, CD8−, CD30+, CD56−, T-cell receptor alpha/beta−, ALK−, TIA1+, granzyme B+, and perforin+. No association with Epstein–Barr virus was found by in situ hybridization. A review revealed that 25 cases of T-IVL have been reported in the available literature, only two of which were of CD30+ anaplastic large cell or cytotoxic T-cell type. The findings in the present case may highlight the unique clinicopathologic aspects of a subset of CD30-positive T-IVLs with an ALK-negative cytotoxic phenotype.

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  • Intravascular lymphoma
  • Cytotoxic T cell
  • Anaplastic large cell morphology
  • Hemophagocytic syndrome
  • Immunohistochemistry