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Pericardial ectopic thymoma

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Primary intrapericardial thymoma is an unusual localization. We report a case of a patient with an isolated and primary pericardial thymoma. This 72-year-old woman presented with dyspnea, dysphony and myalgia. The radiological evaluation revealed an intrapericardial mass. Surgical exploration showed a hemorrhagic and infiltrative tumor in the pericardial sac, while the mediastinum was free of tumor. Surgical biopsies and, later, an ablation of pericardial mass were done. The tumor was a thymoma, composed of large epithelial cells and immature T lymphocytes and was classified B2 according to the World Health Organization classification (1999). Clinically, a myasthenia gravis was revealed. We discuss the few cases reported in the literature.

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