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Cardenolide 16′-O-glucohydrolase from Digitalis lanata. Purification and characterization

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A three-step chromatographic procedure was developed for purification of cardenolide 16′-O- glucohydrolase (CGH) from Digitalis lanata Ehrh. leaves, including Phenyl-Sepharose hydrophobic interaction chromatography followed by SP-Sepharose cation exchange and Q-Sepharose anion-exchange chromatography. Starting with acetone dry powder the purification resulted in an 760-fold enrichment of CGH. Molecular weight, substrate specificity, pH optimum and temperature stability of CGH were determined. Antibodies against CGH were prepared in rabbits. The SDS gel electrophoresis of protein extracts from leaves of D. lanata and other D. species showed bands at 70␣kDa and 36 kDa reacting with the antibodies. The 70-kDa protein is the main protein stained with CGH antibodies in freshly prepared extracts of D. lanata. It may represent undegraded CGH. The 36-kDa protein is enriched in aged CGH preparations. It is probably a degradation product. Proteins related to 70-kDa and 36-kDa bands also occur in crude protein preparations from leaves of D. heywoodii P. et M. Silva, D. mariana Boiss., D. purpurea L., and D. thapsi L. indicating that CGH is also present in these species. Purified CGH was digested with proteases V8 and Lys-C and the resulting fragments obtained were sequenced. One fragment had the typical amino-acid sequence of the catalytic center of family-1 glycosyl hydrolases (EC 3.2.1.x). Cardenolide 16′-O-glucohydrolase, like the other members of this enzyme family, appeared to have a glutamic acid residue directly involved in glycosidic bond cleavage as a nucleophile.

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Received: 26 April 1997 / Accepted: 20 December 1997

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Schöniger, R., Lindemann, P., Grimm, R. et al. Cardenolide 16′-O-glucohydrolase from Digitalis lanata. Purification and characterization. Planta 205, 477–482 (1998). https://doi.org/10.1007/s004250050346

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  • Cardenolide 16′-O-glucohydrolase purification
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