NaPi-IIa interacting partners and their (un)known functional roles

  • Nati HernandoEmail author
Invited Review


The sorting and stabilization of proteins at specific subcellular domains depend upon the formation of networks build up by specific protein-protein interactions. In addition, protein networks also ensure the specificity of many regulatory processes by bringing together regulatory molecules with their targets. Whereas the success on the identification of protein-protein interactions is (up to a point) technology-driven, the assignment of functional roles to specific partners remains a major challenge. This review summarizes the work that led to the identification of partners of the Na+/phosphate cotransporter NaPi-IIa as well as the effects of the interactions in the expression and/or regulation of the cotransporter.


Renal proximal tubule Phosphate Slc34a1 NaPi-IIa Interacting proteins 


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